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Our exclusive high-tech process optimally and reproducibly combines the most advanced treatment methods to offer the safety of viro-inactivation while preserving the unique qualities of this exceptional bone material.


Pulsed Fluid Debridement (PFDTM)


As a central element in our process, the DFPTM optimizes the selective deep cleaning of the femoral heads (with a mixture of purified double osmosis water and 2.5% DTG99TM) and ensures the elimination of poor quality tissue (necrotic, sparse etc …) while preserving healthy tissue.

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Extractive viro-inactivation


A unique and patented stage of pharmaceutical engineering, marked by the refusal of aggressive chemical agents (oxygenated water and sodium hydroxide in particular) and thus reconciles the preservation of the grafted material (in particular the collagen fibers) and the safety level (Institut Pasteur Texcell validation).

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Moisture Extraction (METM)


  • At room temperature, water molecules are substituted by those of ethanol (more volatile)
  • The purified air of the treatment tunnel (HEPA filters) is directed towards the thermal unit. Hot air is then ventilated intelligently to the bone grafts, so as to ensure the evaporation of the ethanol.

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Rapid Bêta sterilization


An exclusive wisy technological bias of O.S.T Laboratoires which ensures the highest level of assurance of market sterility:

  • No exposure to a radioactive source,
  • Limitation of the duration of exposure of the products: low heating, low formation of free radicals, limits the depolymerization effect of bone collagen.

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Understand OSTEOPURE™ process

You can not come to visit us to visit our facilities and to attend the different stages of the OSTEOPURETM process?

Please watch an explanatory video of how our treatment works on the bone graft to cleanse, viro-inactivate and preserve this exceptional biomaterial that is the human bone.

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