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The central element of the microbiological safety of your bone grafts OSTEOPURE™. It aims to eliminate viruses, bacteria and prions.

Ensure microbiological safety

A unique and patented stage of pharmaceutical engineering, reconciling graft preservation and safety level. We reject any form of aggressive chemicals (including hydrogen peroxide*) to maintain the exceptional qualities of the human bone.


* :DePaula CA, et al. / Effects of hydrogen peroxide cleaning procedures on bone graft osteoinductivity and mechanical properties. Cell Tissue Bank. 2005;6(4):287-298.



A unique industrial facility…

An automatic treatment tunnel (ISO 5 flow) and customized equipment (ultrasonic tanks, downstream upstream conveyors, etc.), to minimize human interference and ensure the reproducibility of the extraction sequences

Controlled and monitored by computer...

A computer-controlled sequential chemical extraction process with automatic continuous recording of critical parameters to control and correct any drift and thus ensure the robustness of the process.

… Ensuring tissue’s preservation.

A rigorous selection of the treatment agents, marked by the refusal of aggressive chemical agents for the fabric, resulting in a safety conforming to the highest standards while preserving the collagen fibers.

Understand the next step of the process OSTEOPURE™
Molecular substitution dehydration