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Initial step of OSTEOPURE treatment and a technique exclusive to O.S.T, the PFD thoroughly cleanses the femoral heads, keeping only healthy tissue.

Selecting and preserving

No one wants to graft necrotic tissue

We therefore developed this specific method of Pulsed Fluid Debridement (PFD) which eliminates necrotic tissue through mechanical stress (double osmosis purified water and DTG99TM at 2.5%.) while cleaning the femoral head in a unique way while preserving the healthy tissue.

Result of Pulsed Fluid Debridement

A femoral head without … apparent …defect...

The head comes to O.S.T, seemingly without major defects. As a result of bone diseases of willing living donors, this head contains a significant proportion of what we consider to be non-graftable tissue.

But a treatment that reveals them..

DFP reveals and removes poor quality bone (necrotic, thin density, etc.) while thoroughly cleaning the femoral head. This step is THE ONLY guarantee that tissue of low mechanical quality has been removed.

… While guaranteeing the preservation of the tissue.

Imaging (C.I.C.S 2017 source, Clermont-Fd, France) of our OSTEOPURE grafts reveals perfectly cleaned bone trabeculae and a really preserved bone quality to guarantee successful bone regeneration.

Understand the next step of the process OSTEOPURE™
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