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An exclusive technological bias of O.S.T Laboratoires in the world of French viro-inactivated allografts!

Reliable and advantageous technology

This electric sterilization:

– Ensures the highest level of assurance of market sterility,

– Has the major advantage of limiting the effect of depolymerization of collagen.


Une sécurité maximale

Rapid β sterilization performed at our partner Ionisos (France) ensures the highest standards of sterility to guarantee total tranquility: - Validation standard ISO11137 according to VDmax25 process, - Level of sterility assurance of 10-6, referent on the market, - Niveau d’assurance de stérilité de 10-6, référent sur le marché,

Un faible impact sur l’os

Sterilization β aims to limit the formation of free radicals and drastically reduce the collagen depolymerization effect of bone caused by competing gamma technology *. * : C. Randall Harrell,1 Valentin Djonov,2 Crissy Fellabaum,1 and Vladislav Volarevic3 / Risks of Using Sterilization by Gamma Radiation: The Other Side of the Coin

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