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A preservation technique that respects the structural qualities of the bone and ensures storage of grafts at room temperature for 5 years.

Moisture extraction

The concept of Molecular Substitution (DSMTM) aims to substitute, at room temperature, water molecules (non-evaporable in good conditions of preservation of the tissue) by those of ethanol (more volatile).

How does it work ?

Robotic transfer...

After subtistution of the water molecules with that of ethanol, The Got Air Flow unit (HAF) captures the purified air from the treatment tunnel (HEPA filters) and directs it towards the thermic unit.

To ensure evaporation...

Hot air is then ventilated intelligently (control of the rise in temperature) to the bone grafts, so as to ensure the evaporation of the ethanol.

… and guarantee optimum moisture.

Once the optimal moisture content is reached, the grafts are put in blister for storage for 5 years at room temperature thus guaranteeing the absence of development of molds, fungi etc ...

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