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The balance between quality and safety

"Truth is the point of balance of two contradictions." Preserving the exceptional qualities of bone, while guaranteeing you the highest levels of safety, here is the truth of our unique know-how.

Preserving and Securing

Thoroughly and deeply cleaning, ensuring the removal of viruses, bacteria and prions, removing microorganisms. All these factors usually lead to affecting the structure as well as the components of a biomaterial.

Our unique OSTEOPURE™ process does not involve chemical products or too aggressive sterilisation processes that could depolymerise collagen fibres or affect the mineral structure of the bone allograft.


As our process removes necrotic or low quality bone and is validated for its high level of safety assurance, our physical and chemical process meets the highest standards on the market, both for its viral inactivation process step and for its sterilisation one. Thus, bone grafts produced in our facilities are characterized by the following:

  • Absence of denaturation of the processed bone: histomorphometric characteristics, mineral-and collagen matrix are preserved and similar to those of unprocessed bone,
  • No cell, systemic or genetic toxicity – inflammatory signs significantly reduced compared to unprocessed human bone,
  • Optimized osseoconduction and osseointegration: improvement in neoformed bone/bone implants contact in bone remodelling,
  • Significant reduction in a possible viral load, validated by the French Pasteur Texcell Institute

The results of the OSTEOPURE™ process

Removal of necrotic bone

No one wants to graft necrotic bone, so the OSTEOPURE™ process removes low-density or low mechanical quality bone, and more specifically necrotic bone.

High quality bone trabeculae

The bone trabeculae of our grafts are very deeply cleaned while preserving their structural qualities.

High quality collagen fibres

An ideal substrate for bone remodelling, the preservation of collagen fibres is essential. Thus, a high quality periodic striation is observed on our grafts.

The key steps of the process OSTEOPURE™
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