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Because your patients' bone regeneration is your responsibility, our grafts are optimised to meet all the challenges you face.

Our treatment preserves the interconnected porous structure of the bone and allows rapid revascularisation. In addition, surface nanotopography and collagen preservation promote the action of osteoclasts and osteoblasts. Osseointegration is thus facilitated and the graft replaced by autogenous bone.

We are standing with you by providing you with easy-to-use bone grafting solutions that will make a lasting difference in patients’ lives.

Driven by an unquenchable thirst for discovery and a tirelessly renewed quest for excellence, we are eager to face new challenges.

That is why we are already working with you today to develop the products and technologies of tomorrow.

In this way, we will be able to continue, in the years to come, to provide you with osteogenesis solutions that are ever more efficient, rapid and comfortable.


An ordered matrix

By offering you an ordered mineral-collagen matrix, the OSTEOPURE™ grafts create the conditions for a rapid recovery of the bioactivity and engraftment that you have just performed

Impeccable surface condition

As nature does things well, the allograft has a good surface condition (hydrophilic with micro and nanostructures) and this will allow your patients to resume osteogenesis as quickly as possible.

Collagen preserved

The optimised preservation of type I collagen by the OSTEOPURE™ treatment of your grafts provides you with an ideal substrate for bone remodelling to finalise your surgical work at the time of a graft.

Ease and rapidity of revascularisation

The trabeculae thoroughly cleaned and released from our grafts allow rapid revascularisation of the grafts to provide osteoblasts and osteoclasts and thus save you time on engraftment .

Interconnected porosity

The good macroporosity of OSTEOPURE™ grafts offers you the elements favourable to bone graft rehabilitation and osteoconduction. These two elements are key success factors for your bone grafts.

Mechanical strength

The exceptional mechanical strength of your OSTEOPURE™ bone grafts, which are evidence of a preserved graft biology, allows you to make close contact between the recipient's bone and the allograft at the time of the procedure.

Safety, our major concern
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A unique process : OSTEOPURE™
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