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To better serve you

As a healthcare professional, you are entitled to expect more than just good products.

This is why a team spread throughout different clusters (in-field support, R&D, customer services, collection service, supply chain, production, quality service…) helps you choosing the bone regeneration solution on a daily basis.


As we are fully aware of the exceptional material we are handling, O.S.T women and men devote their enthusiasm to your service. Undertaking longer-term work with health experts to ensure you the highest product and service quality, this is what it means to be a real trusted partner.

About Quality

“Every day, I am committed to quality and environmental protection by implementing the necessary actions to constantly improve our operations and products. Regulatory compliance, safety and customers’ expectations are my priority. I am proud of our collective success, the quality of our products and services”

Jocelyne MALLET,
Quality and Development Director

The Word from the President

"OST laboratories are one of those companies the wealth of which is made up of its history, its values, and above all the way in which, year after year, women and men belonging to it make efforts to embody and “reinvent” them to build a project. It is my honour to be the one who today is responsible for giving reality to this common will”

PhD. / President

The word from the Field

"In surgery, excellence is in details ! Therefore my teams share with you the conviction that they have the best products available. In addition to this quality, the strength of our approach lies in our expertise, in meeting our commitments and in the will to build a sustainable partnership regarding your bone regeneration choices"

Director of Operations (Orthopaedics)

Our qualities to join us

Are you interested in our company and bone regeneration?

Do you have the following qualities?

–        Ethics

–        Rigour

–        Ability to listen

–        Transparency

–        Boldness

–        Openness

–        Sense of service

So, call us now!

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